Neymar Jr Kick-Off: new tournament format from PokerStars


On November 1, 2021, PokerStars introduced a new tournament format called Neymar Jr Kick-Off. So far, however, it is only available in play money, but the poker room promised to extend the novelty to real money pools later in November. Let's see what the PokerStars have come up with.


Now Neymar has his own tournaments

It turned out that PokerStars not only cleaned up the classic SnGs lobby this year (many unpopular formats and stakes were removed from it) but developed their own unique game at the same time. Let us remind you that the latest novelty of this kind was Grand Tour.

From November 1, 2021, Neymar Jr Kick-Off tournaments have appeared at PokerStars.net.

It would be difficult to talk about the range of stakes and the rake until the novelty is available only for play money. But most likely, the game mechanics won't undergo any remarkable changes.

As our test has shown, Neymar Jr Kick-Off couldn't offer anything special besides the binding to the most popular sport in the world and the name of the star player Neymar.

Neymar Jr Kick-Off features

Neymar Jr Kick-Off PokerStars

The first things that catch your eye in these tournaments are a separate beautiful lobby, exciting animations during the wait for the start of the game, table layout, and sounds made in a football style. Regarding the novelty features, in general, they can be described like this:

Neymar Jr Kick-Off is a multi-level 4-max winner takes all hyper-turbo SnG, featuring progressive knockouts and prize multipliers that apply to the bounties.

  • Number of levels: 5.
  • Starting stack: 1,000 chips. Blind levels last for 4 hands.
  • You can pocket all the accumulated bounties and prize money only after going through all the levels and winning at all of them. 
  • You can start the game from any level. If a player wins the tournament, he can move up a level for free.
  • Right after knocking out an opponent, the player receives 20-25% of the bounty amount. A multiplier ranging from x1 to x6,000 will be applied to it.

Football entertainment?

Neymar Jr Kick-Off screen PokerStars

In fact, the players got the same Grand Tours but wrapped in a different sport coupled with a well-known name. Neymar Jr Kick-Off can only be played for fun.

Speaking more generally, the launch of these tournaments confirms what we have already stated before: PokerStars has chosen Latin America as its main development region.

Implementing the football-style game, which is distinguished by excitement and speed, will allow them to further interest local casual players. It should be helpful in the competition vs. GGNetwork for the leading position in the online poker industry.

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