PokerStars Grand Tour: spins hybrid with progressive knockouts


PokerStars waited almost one year after revealing Spin&Go Flash to get creative again with new spins formats. They recently launched Grand Tour tournaments on the French market, which are fast spins with 4-max tables and progressive prizes for knocking out opponents.


PokerStars experiments with Spins

Progressive Knockouts (PKO) tournaments can be called the second most successful tournament format in the last years after spins, so it's only logical that PokerStars decided to mix them. Moreover, for almost two years, they have been very engaged in "poker genetics" with cash games.

As for Spin&Go, PokerStars has launched only two experiments:

  1. In 2017, the site launched Spin&Go Max, which was a high-speed game due to a limit on the number of hands, three prizes added at random and a player choosing one of them, and a random number of participants;
  2. In 2019, Spin&Go Flash was launched; it was a short stack event with only 300 starting chips and a blind structure depending on the multiplier (in almost half of the tournaments blinds grew every 2 minutes).

And this week, it became known that PokerStars began testing another format of spins in France: La Course (as an elite women's professional road race). This name is not accidental, and in the general pool, they will be called Grand Tour.

PokerStars Grand Tour: main features

Thanks to the new Aurora client, PokerStars has greatly expanded its ability to use new graphic elements in the lobby and at the tables. All of this is used under the Grand Tour tab:

PokerStars Grand Tour

Main features of Grand Tour:

  • 4-max events;
  • Starting stack: 1,000 — 1,250 chips;
  • Blind structure: every 4-6 hands;
  • Prizes: determined by a random multiplier from x2 to x12,000;
  • Bounty: half of the player's buy-in minus rake goes to the bounty prize fund.

Grand Tour: how does the bounty works?

PokerStars Grand Tour Table

The bounty is perhaps the main feature of this format. It is divided into two parts. One is paid immediately after a player eliminates an opponent (multipliers from x1 to x6,000 are also applied), and the second one is added to a prize fund reserved for the race winner.

The second part can be won only when at least $100 is reached. You can compete for this prize no only by winning tournaments at the same stake, but by climbing higher using free tickets. Such tickets will be automatically credited after winning a tournament.

PokerStars promises to collect in one tournament rivals with roughly the same reward for the leader. Thus, you can, from the lowest stake to the last, winning up to $100,000 in total for all knockouts.

Grand Tour could be an exciting game, and, of course, it's still early to draw conclusions about it. Most likely, amateur players will love it. PokerStars will add Grand Tour to their global pool soon.

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