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Fish Buffet update and other changes at GGPoker in March 2021

On February 26, 2021, GGPoker performed the monthly update to its platform. It affected the "Fish Buffet" rewards program, spins (added a $200 buy-in game and probabilities were changed), PLO tournaments, and added another promotion — Flip&Go Daily $5,000 Leaderboard.

Fish Buffet update and other changes at GGPoker in March 2021

New Fish Buffet

The main update performed by GGPoker in March 2021 affected the loyalty program of the poker room — "Fish Buffet." Now it will be interesting only for grinders who claim an average rakeback of 40%.

All fixed rakeback levels are now called Platinum. Whale and Shark levels have been redesigned:

  • There is only one Shark level now, "Platinum Shark," with 55% RB, which must be achieved in a maximum of a year by gaining 3 million Fish Buffet Points after reaching the previous level.
  • The "Platinum Whale" Level (formerly "Black Whale") has also become an annual level, and players can reach it by gaining 1,500,000 FP after reaching the previous level.
Before Now
Level Avg Rakeback Level Avg Rakeback
Black Shark 60% GGPlatinum 60%
Diamond Shark 59% Platinum Shark 55%
Platinum Shark 58% Platinum Shark 55%
Gold Shark 57% Platinum Shark 55%
Silver Shark 56% Platinum Shark 55%
Bronze Shark 55% Platinum Whale 50%
Black Whale 50% Platinum Whale 50%
Platinum Whale 48% Platinum Whale 50%
Gold Whale 1 49%
Gold Whale 2 48%
Gold Whale 3 45% Gold Whale 3 47%
Silver Whale 1 46%
Silver Whale 2 45%
Silver Whale 2 42% Silver Whale 2 45%
Silver Whale 3 44%
Bronze Whale 1 43%
Bronze Whale 1 40% Bronze Whale 1 43%
Bronze Whale 2 42%
Bronze Whale 3 41%

All levels starting from "Bronze Whale 3" received:

  1. A more fractional step of average rakeback.
  2. Lower requirements for the number of points (it was 250k or 750k, now it is 120k FP).
  3. The scoring time for each level was reduced from 60 to 30 days.
  4. The prizes on the Fish Buffet wheel were reduced to the range of $120 — $1,200.
  5. In the 50% — 60% cashback statuses, all levels have been removed and added a random return in the wheel.

As a result, we can say the following about the new Fish Buffet program:

Regulars will get an opportunity to spin the wheel much more frequently, they will see an increase in the average rakeback more often, and after breaking the 50% cashback milestone, they will be completely free from the levels with random rakeback (although there is an intermediate level with 35% flat cashback)

Flip&Go Daily Leaderboard

Almost $9 million will be drawn in March promotions at GGPoker. One of the reasons for the increase in prize money is the launch of a new leaderboard for Flip&Go tournaments, starting on March 1.

It will feature the usual daily race format, already familiar to the players of the room, divided into four leaderboards for each stake (prizes are paid in T$).

Stake Prizes Number of prizes
$20.00 $3,115.00 35
$3.00 $1,378.00 100
$0.50 $402.50 150
$0.05 $119.60 250

Players will get points based on 1 point for each buy-in. For receiving the Flip Bonus (certain combinations of 3 cards in the all-in stage), these points will be multiplied by the following coefficients:

  • Straight flush — x4.
  • Trips — x3.
  • Flush and straight — x2.

$50,000 Daily Spin&Gold Leaderboard

A new level was added to the GGPoker Spin & Gold: $200 buy-in, with a $15,000 unique leaderboard (starting on February 26). Points towards the promotion will still be awarded based on the Gold received. At the new stake, it will be as follows:

  • 1st place — 2,400 Gold.
  • 2nd place — 1,600 Gold.
  • 3rd place — 800 Gold.

Table of prizes:

Stake Prizes Paid positions
$200 $15,000.00 10
$100 $10,000.00 20
$50 $8,500.00 41
$20 $5,850.00 50
$10 $3,760.00 60
$5 $2,760.00 80
$3 $2,005.00 100
$1.00 $1,452.00 200
$0.25 $724.00 250

Another pleasant surprise associated with spins is the increase in maximum multipliers at all stakes. After the standard 100x, the following were added:

Buy-in Multiplier Probabilities in 10M games
$200 х7,000 20
$100 x20,000 5
$50 x20,000 5
$20 x20,000 5
$10 x100,000 1
$5 x20,000 5
$3 x20,000 5
$1 x100,000 1
$0,25 x20,000 5

Another minor update affected PLO tournaments: from now on, the betting rule will be applied during pre-flop play, while the No Limit betting rule will be applied during post-flop play. This "No Limit Omaha" format is trendy across US-friendly networks.

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