Is partypoker getting ready to add crypto?


The massive growth of the Bitcoin exchange rate in 2021 and its new records are forcing different poker rooms to consider cryptos as a payment option. Recently, partypoker joined the crowd. How soon will this room add BTC to its cashier?


Rob Yong conducts a survey

We know that almost every partypoker innovation has passed through the hands of Rob Yong. Therefore, if the businessman discusses some relevant topic on Twitter or conducts surveys about it, this usually means that the site is at least interested in the matter.

Hence, the following survey can be called very symptomatic:

Rob Yong's survey about crypto

This raises a question: How many people invest, buy, and sell cryptocurrency within the poker community? The survey shows that out of 2,646 people who voted, 5,55% answered: Yes, I use crypto.

Players are in!

It seems to us that Yong wrote this text and even pinned it for a reason. This happened right after a backdrop of a 30% rise in the Bitcoin exchange rate on the first day of February 2021 and the increasing expansion of cryptocurrencies in the poker world.

The most exciting thing, of course, is that Rob, apparently, takes this topic very seriously and, understanding the importance of the payment system for the popularity of the poker room; he could not help but think about adding cryptos to the partypoker cashier. Players asked for this in the comments, quoting the main competitors as an example:

Players ask party to add crypto

So, in our opinion, it's quite likely that partypoker adds crypto transactions to its cashier. It is also possible to solve this issue with the gaming commission.

The main thing is not to be late!

partypoker's position in the world's top poker sites appears to be stable. But in recent months, iPoker and 888Poker have been doing their homework and are boosting their cash games traffic. And in such a situation, any advantage over competitors won't be superfluous.

Two American networks — Winning and Chico — have almost completely switched to cryptos, new Chinese rooms operate on USDT (Red Dragon Poker, PokerTime, COP) — and even Russian sites like Pokerdom added them to the cashier.

When do you think partypoker will become crypto-friendly?

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