PPPoker joins the NFT party with Prince of Cards


PPPoker, the world's largest mobile poker app, decided to jump into the NFT hype by announcing its first collection: Prince of Cards. Players can get up to 1,000 tokens free by playing in the app.


Non-fungible tokens (NFT) conquer the poker world

Over a year ago, the NFT hype reached social media, and millions of dollars were paid for Apes or CryptoPunks. As the poker world has always been directly related to the cryptocurrency industry, it was only natural this trend hit the tables too:

Now, PPPoker, the most famous of the club-based apps, announced its first-ever NFT collection:

From June 9, 2022, PPPoker will reward 1,000 lucky players with Prince of Cards NFT, a unique randomly generated non-fungible token on the Polygon blockchain.

How to win a PPPoker Prince of Cards NFT?

Getting a PPPoker NFT is free. All you need to do is:

  • Play 5,000 hands within the app
  • Spin the lucky slot
  • You can win either an NFT prize or 6,000,000 Gold

*You can spin the lucky slot every time you hit 5,000 hands; there is no limit. The event will end once 1,000 NFTs are awarded.

So far, it's not clear what would be the use of PPPoker Prince of Cards NFT, although from what we have seen before, the possibilities are huge:

  • Allow players to upload NFT as unique avatars
  • Create an NFT marketplace within the app
  • Reward players with unique NFT avatars after winning important events

Players will also be able to sell Prince of Cards NFT via OpenSea.

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    • Mobile poker app
    up to 50%

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