Best poker sites with HUD 2024


With the anti-reg path getting more followers every day, a question arose for regular players: Where can I play online poker using a HUD in 2024? This article introduces our TOP of the best HUD-friendly poker sites.


Best poker sites that allow HUD

  • Betonline Poker Logo
    Chico Poker Network
    • Bitcoins accepted
    100% up to $1,000
  • Americas Cardroom Logo
    Winning Poker Network
    Americas Cardroom
    • Bitcoins accepted
    up to $2,000
    up to 65%
  • Pokerking Poker Logo
    Winning Poker Network
    • 50%+ rakeback
    • Network's best skin
    100% up to $2,000
    up to 65%
  • Redstar Poker Logo
    iPoker Network
    • Network's best skin
    • Bitcoins accepted
    200% up to €2,000
    up to 45%
  • 888 Poker Logo
    888 Poker
    • No Deposit bonus
    • Good for beginners
    100% up to $1,000
    up to 12,5%

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Using a HUD makes it possible to get a lot of information on the opponents, even playing many tables simultaneously, so the best poker rooms with external HUD support are those with the highest traffic. Of course, you should also consider rakeback and other bonuses.

Poker siteHUDRakebackTraffic*

*Number of cash game players per day on average.


888Poker can't boast of a high rakeback, but there aren't many regular grinders at its tables. This poker room is more aimed at casual players by offering a loyalty system based on missions and promotions with freeroll ticket prizes.

Almost all cash game traffic is concentrated at NL2$, NL5$, NL10$, and NL20$-NL30$ stakes. There are 15-20 active tables at each in the evening. Regarding higher-stakes games, you can usually find no more than 4-5 tables per stake at up to NL1K$.

The most popular fast-fold Snap poker stakes (NL2$-NL10$) have up to 100 active connections in the peak hours, while NL25$-NL50$ - up to 40.

There are a lot of tournaments in the regular MTT schedule with up to $55 buy-ins and guarantees of up to $10K.

Redstar Poker

Currently, the largest HUD-friendly network is iPoker. Ranked 5th in the PokerScout list, this long-time established European network offers excellent action for cash game players up to NL1k and PLO100 (still, there are not a lot of PLO tables).

iPoker also has a good MTT grid and spins (Twister), and on top of that, Worldpokerdeals guarantees the best rakeback deals

In addition to HUD, support software for managing tables like iPoker Tools and others are still compatible with the network.

Americas Cardroom

The WPN's CEO confirmed to us in an exclusive interview that banning HUDs wasn't in the company's plans. WPN (PokerKing, Americas Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, YaPoker) follows iPoker closely in terms of traffic, but with several advantages:

The tournament grid is much better; the signature event of the network, The Venom, is held several times per year with a millionaire guarantee (regular and PKO edition).

For being a US-friendly network, the lineups tend to be softer, and the network will remain one of the best HUD-friendly networks in 2022.

Betonline Poker

Ranked close to the TOP10 in the PokerScoust list, the Chico network rooms (TigerGaming, Bol Poker, SportsBetting poker) are currently the softest US network that still allows HUDs at the tables.

Be aware that users of Holdem Manager 3 and Poker Tracker 4 must install a hand converter to display statistics at the tables, and such a piece of software isn't allowed by the network (we don't know any cases of accounts banned due to this, but the T&C are clear). Alternatives are using Hand2Note or DriveHUD 2, which doesn't require hand converters.

Online poker sites that allow HUD with restrictions

Blitz Poker HUD

Some poker sites (even some of those mentioned above) have chosen an intermediate solution to the "HUD problem":

  • PPPoker and similar apps don't allow external HUD, but they offer an in-app HUD via a VIP card purchased within the store. Hand converters are common but not officially allowed
  • Chico Poker Network doesn't allow the use of hand converters, and their hand history isn't compatible with Holdem Manager or PokerTracker, so the only safe way is to use DriveHUD or Hand2Note
  • GGPoker is the only site that has launched a somehow "advanced" in-app Smart HUD for free
  • partypoker and GG don't allow HUD but allow downloading anonymous hand history to conduct post-game study sessions

Be aware that using illegal hand converters can lead to an account being banned with funds seized.

Confirm with your affiliate that the software you are using won't cause you any hassle in the future.

What is a poker HUD?

A separate heads-up display (HUD) window is shown for each player at the table. It displays the values ​​​​of statistical indicators (stats). You can adjust the HUD manually by removing or adding particular stats, changing fonts and color indications, and creating pop-ups to display additional data.

The HUD works in real-time and is updated automatically to reflect all hands played.

The software designed to display HUD is called tracker. The most popular are HM 3, PT4, H2N, and DriveHUD 2. 

Basic heads up display stats explained

  1. VPIP – shows how often a player voluntarily puts money into the pot preflop, whether a raise or a call.
  2. PFR – shows how often a player raises preflop. This includes open-raises, 3-bets, and cold 4/5-bets.
  3. 3-BET, 4-BET, 5-BET – shows how often a player reraises his opponent's preflop.
  4. WTSD – shows how often a player reaches a showdown 
  5. AF – aggressive (bets or raises) / passive (calls) postflop actions ratio.
  6. WINRATE – the average amount of winnings in big blinds per 100 hands played.

What are the advantages of using a HUD?

As we wrote above, HUD is just a tool that allows you to get more information about your opponents and your own game. It is not a kind of "cheat" since it does not automatically give any advantage to the players.

To make any benefits from using HUD, you need to develop it properly and correctly interpret the stats. Obviously, it requires practice and a deep understanding of the game.

In addition, the players, especially low-stakes ones, tend to overestimate the stats and make conclusions without considering all actions at the table. It usually leads to even greater losses.

Therefore, trackers are valuable assistants for those players who seek to develop their skills, not a "magic button" for profit growth.

The only justified claim against the HUD is that not all players can use it (for example, when playing from a mobile), so they are put in unequal conditions compared to those who use trackers. That's why (among many other reasons) some poker rooms began to ban the use of HUD.

Built-in HUD vs. regular Heads-up display

Since not every tracker owner is experienced enough to develop an advanced HUD, several poker sites have decided to integrate some of this functionality into their software.

So far, the built-in HUD only works on GGNetwork and iPoker Network (also across club-based apps like PPPoker or PokerBros), but it seems to us that it should definitely become more widespread. Of course, its capabilities will still be much smaller than those of trackers but still good enough for most players.

What future awaits HM3, PT4, and H2N? Of course, their popularity may decrease. But it seems that poker rooms with external HUD support will never cease to exist, and even those that implement built-in statistics will not necessarily prohibit trackers.


Among the leading poker sites, at least four boast a high enough traffic for multi-tabling and allow their players to use HUD and take full advantage of the additional information provided by the stats. None of them have announced any plans to ban the tracking software. Many of their competitors are introducing such restrictions these days to protect the so-called poker ecosystem while providing their players with similar tools: a built-in HUD or the ability to download an anonymized hand history that can be imported to trackers.

Accordingly, if you consider using a HUD a must for yourself, finding a suitable place to play is not difficult, even considering various additional requirements you may have. Our managers will help you with this.


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